Sunday, January 8, 2012

Introducing The Indelibles

THIS HOP IS NOW OVER. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED! I'll email the winner of my giveaway this weekend.

Welcome to The Indelibles Blog Hop!

In celebration of our official launch, we are giving away a KINDLE FIRE! If you’d like to start at the beginning of the INDELIBLES ON FIRE GIVEAWAY BLOG HOP, then please start here:

If you are already mid-hop, then welcome to your next stop! By following the link at the bottom of this post, you can proceed to the next author (and check out the awesome, individual giveaways we are doing along the way!). If you are entering to win the KINDLE FIRE, don’t forget to make a note of the keyword at the end of every blog post - the words spell out a phrase you will need to enter the contest on the last stop.

Who are we?  Marketing guru Shelli Johannes Wells has teamed up with twenty-four other indie and small press authors to bring you the Indelibles.

“We are indie authors who write middle grade and young adult fiction.
We are dedicated to leaving a permanent mark on the world with our stories and words.
We are The Indelibles.”

Each week, we’ll explore fun, fabulous, and fierce topics for today’s teens, drawing on pop culture and themes from the books we write. Check out our official launch on Monday, January 9th, for fun giveaways at We’ll also be having a “blogger” chat on January 11th and a writer/author chat on the 18th to answer questions about self and indie pubbing. See our blog for details.
  *The hop begins at 12:01 AM EST on Monday, January 9th and ends 12:01 AM EST Thursday, January 12th.
This is the part I introduce myself. My name is Angela Carlie. I write fiction about young people. Hanging out with my almost thirteen-year-old son and my forever thirty-year-old (ha!) husband, reading, hiking, kayaking, and traveling are some of the other activities I enjoy most.
  We can hangout together too! Just follow my blog, or join me on Facebook.
I'm giving away two of my ebooks this week: Loramendi's Story -- A Lords of Shifters Novel and Dream Smashers. To find out more about these books, click on the titles. If you'd like a copy of either of these books, please comment below. Tell me which book you are interested in and leave your email so I may contact you if you win. I'll enter your name in a drawing and announce the winner on Saturday, January 14th. 
This blog will self-destruct on Thursday, January 12th, at no particular time.
The keyword for the stop on this hop is: WORLD
Continue the hop and visit the next Indelible author here: Melanie McCullough
 Good luck! :) 
 THIS HOP IS NOW OVER. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED! I'll email the winner of my giveaway this weekend.


  1. Would love to check out Dream Smashers :) Thanks for the chance to snag a copy!

  2. Would love any copy's but Dream Smashers looks extra yummy! ;)

  3. I'm very interested in reading Dream Smashers! It's on my list now!

  4. Candace

    I'm interested in Loramendi's Story! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Hi Angela :) Sounds liek a great way to spend your days!! As for the book, I'd love a copy of Loramendi's....the cover immediately drew me in!
    Have a great day!

  6. Good luck Angela, as you and the Indelibles start 2012! I know you're all going to do fabulous things.

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to win Dream Smashers!

  8. I think at the moment I'd prefer to win Dream Smashers... they both look great, though!

    Good luck with the Indelibles!

    lisa.asanuma @

  9. I would love, love, love to win Loramendi's story! Thank you for the chance and for the hop experience! It's been an awesome trip, meeting new authors and finding new adventures! I wish all of you Indelibles much success!

  10. I would love a copy of any of them. I love shifter stories. Excited to read them! Thank you for the chance at a free copy!

    Brandy Korzep

  11. I am so glad to meet you, Angela! I am so tickled to have met so many wonderful authors in this great group that makes up the Indelibles!

    If I were to win, I would LOVE to read Loramendi's Story the most =)

    Thank you so much for participating and for the wonderful giveaway op!

    Gena Robertson

  12. I would love both books since they are both totally new to me. :-)

  13. Hi Angela, Thanks for participating in the giveaway. I think I would love to read Loramendi's story...unless someone else wins that; then I'd love to read Dream Smashers :)

  14. Both books sound great. I'd be happy with either. Thanks for a chance to win one.

    cvelazquez0507 at yahoo dot com

  15. It's so neat that all of you are working together on this! Congratulations!

  16. Thank you, everyone, for the support! Good luck in your journey to the end of the hop to win the Kindle Fire. :)

  17. I love that this tour has opened my eyes to so many talented writers that I might have missed otherwise. I run and operate a book blog and I truly hope that I get the chance to work with the whole bunch of you all in the future.


  18. Ive found some wonderful new authors and books from this tour !! id love to read A Lord of Shifters ;) Ive added your books to my little black book ;) ** My book of secerts lol..


  19. I'd love to win a copy of Loramendi's Story. Sounds like a great read! My email: redfearnv at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  20. I think I signed up to follow your blog. I would love to read Dream Smasher. My email is

  21. Thank you for participating in this fun hop. I am enjoying meeting and signing up to follow new (to me) authors and reading about your work. I would love to read Loramendi's Story and appreciate the giveaway opportunity.

  22. Loramendi's Story! You are an awesome author! & very talented! :)


  23. Either book sounds great!
    My email is

  24. Actually, I happen to own Loramendi's Story already and am awaiting another one... Any chance in that being soon?!!


  25. Nice to meet you! Fabulous marketing idea! You ladies are brilliant.

    I think I'd like to read Dream Smashers.


  26. Good luck, thanks for the giveaway and if you pick me I would like dream smashers
    teressaoliver at gmail dot com

  27. Wow both of them sound so good! I'm going to have to go with Loramendi's Story though. For one, the cover is AWESOME! Mountain lions are so cute ;) It sounds great and I can't wait to read it! Thank you so much for the giveaway Angela!

  28. Thanks for the giveaway!! I think I'd have to choose Loramendi's Story. :)


  29. I would love to win Dream Smashers! Thanks for the awesome hop!


  30. I'd take Loramendi's Story. I'm not a romance fan unless there's more to it, fantasy or SF. Thanks! Sherahart at gmail dot com