Monday, April 13, 2015

Lords of Shifters Relaunch Announcement!

A date has been set! The time is near.

During the summer of 2008, I wrote my first novel. It was a young adult paranormal/fairy tale/urban fantasy type story. I had no idea at the time what genre to stick it under, so slashes became important. The title was The Dreaded Dawn.

Between the time of the first draft and 2011 it went under countless numbers of revisions and re-writes. It was critiqued and edited by some talented authors. It was pitched at writer's conferences and queried to hundreds of agents to no avail.

After much thought, the title was changed, I ran it through one more critique group, a cover was created, and I decided to self-publish it as a first book in a series. That book was Loramendi's Story, a Lords of Shifters Novel.

The following year the second book, Spider Wars, was born and then the third, Dark Horse, and then I got stuck. You waited and continued to buy and download the books, and for that, I'm thankful.

I had an idea of where I wanted it to go, but I didn't know how to get there. In fact, where I wanted it to go really made no sense from where it started. Because of my difficulties, I began to hate Loramendi's Story and cringed every time I thought about all of you wonderful readers waiting and counting on me to finish the series. It became a guilt that gnawed at me day and night until finally I pulled all three books from publication. (something a self-published author can do).

And now? It's time to give it back to you. I've combed and groomed and re-wrote some parts of Loramendi's Story so that Lords of Shifters may continue. If you've already read this book, you shouldn't have to re-read it to continue with the series. The story itself wasn't changed, just some events to move it along. I will recap those events in the fourth book for you, so you won't miss a thing.

I'm so happy to announce the re-release date of the Lords of Shifters series and the title of the fourth book.

The date is June 10, 2015 and the fourth book is titled: Death Touch, A Lords of Shifters Novel.

It's just around the corner and I'm ecstatic to share these books with you once again! Thank you so much for being loyal readers and for giving me the time needed to make this series worthy of your time!

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Thank you!

Coming June 10, 2015:

Loramendi's Story, A Lords of Shifters Novel

Seventeen year old Lora has plans and knows how her future should pan out. But the future is a finicky thing and has an agenda of its own.

After high school graduation Lora wants to move far away from the ridiculous rules and restrictions of her godmother and live as a writer with her best friend in Seattle. She always felt uncomfortable in the small town she grew up in and knows that once she reaches Seattle, she’ll find her people. People who are like her, writers and artists who understand her plight. 

When Lora falls for a hot new windsurfer in town, she learns his life is like a fairytale story similar to the fiction she enjoys writing. At the time he tells her that she’s a long lost princess, a shapeshifter, and in danger from an evil lord wanting to kill her, her godmother abandons her, and she’s forced to go along with the tales he’s telling and leave all she knows behind. After all, she always wanted to live around people like her, she just assumed they’d be human.

Can she embrace the life of the leader she was born to be, battle an evil lord and end lives to save a land she knows nothing about or will this story she’s living end badly?


Spider Wars, A Lords of Shifters Novel
Jess' life has never been ordinary. After all, life on the road with an immortal family of gypsies is hardly predictable. Living in the small town of White Salmon, Washington has brought some normality to her life. But when her cheating, sometimes boyfriend, Nicu, gets involved with a group of arachneshifters, life gets a little sticky. Will she be able to save him from the web he's spun? More importantly, how much is she willing to risk to get him back?


Dark Horse, A Lords of Shifters Novella

Amethea thought she was the last of her kind, a creature from mythical stories, from light, peace, and magic. But, Amethea isn't a myth, and she doesn't hold any peace in her heart. She watched as her family was murdered for the magic of their horns. She'd give anything to avenge their deaths. She just hasn't figured out how yet.

When she meets another, Cerus, everything changes. Together, they harness more power than Amethea ever dreamed. But is it enough to take down the Lords of Shifters?

We all have demons hidden deep in the crevices of history. Johnnie's have busted out, exposed for all to see. But he doesn't care that everyone knows. Just Jess. She's got a front row seat to the Johnnie's demon show, and Johnnie's about to find out that he hasn't met all of them yet.


Death Touch, A Lords of Shifters Novel
Cover Reveal and Blurb Reveal on June 10, 2015
Coming Fall, 2015