Monday, May 30, 2011

Who is Evan Laverne?

Evan Laverne isn't the average guy seen in most YA Romance novels these days. He's not the dark and mysterious teen heart throb that every girl salivates over. He doesn't skip class or belong to a rock band or have a super-fast car. He's not a loner or a drinker or a jock. No, Evan doesn't belong to a gang, he doesn't sparkle, nor does he smell like a cute fuzzy wolf.

Evan has a kind heart. He loves to help people. He genuinely cares about the homeless and the less fortunate. Evan is thoughtful, he believes in God, but doesn't push his beliefs on others, he's homeschooled, and volunteers at the local shelter. He's shy around girls and hasn't really kissed one. Until he meets Autumn. And a first kiss can't get any memorable than theirs.

Most importantly, Evan is real. He's that guy. The good guy who girls wish they chose instead of the loser who was fun for just a minute.

He's the opposite of everyone else in Autumn's life and that's exactly what she needs. How much cooler can a guy get? Not much.

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