Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Inscriptions

My fellow DarkSide authors recently participated in their first book signing. This got me thinking. I've only signed a handful of my books thus far. Mainly for book giveaway winners. In those books, I inscribed a variation of the same message based on the theme of the book. I don't like the inscriptions I came up with.

The first few books have something like this: "Don't give up on hope" or "Don't lose hope." After some contemplation, I found these negative so I switched it for a more positive message: "Hold on to hope."

I'm still not sure if I like the latter message either. One, it's mushy. It makes me feel like a preacher or someone who has a positive outlook on everything. Well, I'm definitely not a preacher and I have a super negative attitude much of the time. I try to stay positive, but things usually start out negative before my effort kicks in. Two, it's kind of silly because of course everyone holds onto hope. It's natural for all living creatures to have some sort of hope. Yes, I know I said "all living creatures." That's a debate for another blog post. My point is, the advice or "message" shouldn't be so generalized.

"Hold on to hope" is like writing "Eat food." It's not saying "Eat your vegetables" or "Don't forget desert," which is what I think an inscription should say.

Wait a  minute... How perfect is that? Man, I knew you all would help me with this issue. I'm totally going with "Eat your vegetables" from now on. Autumn hates vegetables. Perfect.

Thanks, friends!

Peace out.

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