Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reminiscing about Tom Bosley and my high school drama days

Tom Bosley died today. You know, Howard Cunningham or Mr. C? Yeah, him. The fun loving dad from Happy Days. The guy who made us laugh from the year I was born until I turned eleven and then many years of re-runs afterward. You know who I'm talking about.

In 2003 my man-friend (now hubby) took me to New York City. It was the best trip ever! I'd always dreamed of seeing a Broadway Play and we saw two that trip. The first, "Cabaret", at Studio 54 was amazing. After the show we waited at the back door for the stars to leave. One of those stars was Tom Bosley. He was very friendly, signed our playbills, and allowed us to take a photo. It was AWESOME!

I went digging for that photo today when the news of his death hit the Internet. In my chest of memories I found the photo along with a journal from my sophomore theatre class at Mt. View High School. It's weird to look back at that stuff and realize how deep and thoughtful and analytical I was at that age. We read and outlined so many plays back then; plays I don't remember reading, but evidently did. Where do all those memories go if not for the fact they were written down or recorded in some fashion? They vanish with the passing of time.

One memory in the chest, in particular, is something that I got a laugh out of. Outside of the countless poems and dark, dramatic journal entries, this may be my first and only attempt at writing for the stage. It's a skit that a friend and I wrote to perform at the talent show. We auditioned, but for some reason never performed this.

This is hilarious and I can't believe I'm posting it. Remember--two teens wrote this:) Enjoy!

By Angie Coon and Jess Brunelle
March 23, 1990

SCENE: Takes place in large dark space area. Two wooden chairs in center stage.

Character J. sitting in chair left center with blindfold on.
Character A. sitting in chair right center with gas mask on.

(sitting in silence)

J. (takes off blind fold) I don't think it's working.

A. (takes off gas mask) I don't think the point is getting across.

J. Maybe it isn't worth it. Everyone is just so unaware and blind. (looks at audience) Why can't you understand?

A. We have to make them understand.

J. Like they're really going to understand! Right after school today they're just going to a fast food place, eat all the food, and throw all the styrofoam and other garbage all over the earth.

A. We have to take this rationally, and let them know the facts.

J. It's amazing what you might see if you stop and take a look at the world. Maybe, I should just end it right here and now. How can we have peace in this world when we're only trying to destroy each other and our home?

A. STOP IT! There is hope, there are people out there who care. We just have to get them together. If you can't get it all together, to accomplish this thing called peace, do at least your part in your own life. That's where you can make a difference. Peace begins with you.

J. and A. (together) NOW!!!!!!!!!


A. Do you realize 49 million acres of rain forests are destroyed or degraded every year?

J. Ya! that's equivalent to one and half football fields each second.

A. and J. (together) One, one-thousand. Two, one-thousand. Three, one-thousand.

(fade -- heads down)

Lights up

A. Here's your shake, honey! Want some more fries?

J. Mommy, where does my cheeseburger come from?

A. Well, honey. Billions of cattle are being raised on the rain forest land in Central and South America. We're burning down all our rain forest to raise this cattle. So all the birds don't have a home for the winter. Without the birds all the insects will over populate. We're also losing over one-thousand species of plants and animals every year. But best of all, we won't have any more oxygen to breathe.

J. Then why are we eating this then?

(fade down)
(fade up)

A. In Africa, one-hundred and forty-three elephants are slaughtered a day by poachers.

J. Same thing happens to whales. It also takes twelve leopards, or large cats, to make one long fur coat. Is it worth it?

A. I wonder how easy it is to be a tuna fisherman and watch the dolphins get caught and die in their nets day after day?

J. Just untangle them, throw them back into the ocean to rot and catch more fish the next day. I know I wouldn't feel guilty.

(J. = Earth, A. = Mankind)
(fade up)

A. (drinking out of a soda can. Looks for place to put can.) Oh well! (throws can at Earth)

J. OUCH!!!!

A. (looks around) What was that? I recognize that voice.

J. It's me, Earth. You used to care. Why are you destroying me? I try to be all that you need. I give you everything you need to live and survive. Why don't you be wise with the things I give you, so you can have them forever? You can use that can again, just recycle it. I'm trying to hang on, but pretty soon I'm not going to be able to do it without your help.



A. Mother Earth Day is April 22. Make a difference!

J. Are you part of the solution or the problem?

The End

hahahahahahaha! I knew you would get a laugh out of that. I wonder how far off those statistics are now. Remember back in the day when fast food burgers came in styrofoam boxes and nobody recycled? Crazy.

RIP Tom Bosley -- you will be remembered forever by the moments captured on screen and in the hearts of those who grew up watching you.

RIP sophomore year -- you will be remembered via journals and skits that should be burned immediately, but won't be.

Peace out, peeps.


  1. LOL I love it! I think we must have graduated the same year, 'cause I was a sophomore in March of '90, too. :-)

  2. Hi, Crystal. We did graduate in the same year:) We rock! lol

    Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I really like your comment: "Where do all those memories go if not for the fact they were written down or recorded in some fashion? They vanish with the passing of time." So true!!

  4. Thank you, Hope! Isn't it though? I never thought I'd say this, but my mind sure doesn't remember things like it once did. :(

  5. Thanks for visiting a while ago, I'm just now getting around to responding.
    That was pretty great! It's amazing looking back at the things you once wrote down, thinking wherever did I come up with that? :)