Friday, August 30, 2013

Cover Reveal - STILL NIGHTS

I know a lot of people may miss this because of the holiday weekend and all, but I'll post it again later. I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter if it's a planned event or just a spur of the moment post. My last cover reveal was planned and paid for. It didn't make a difference as far as sales go that I can see.

If you've read Jenny's Blue Velvet, you've heard her talk about this upcoming book once or twice.

Start the music. Get ready for it. I bring you the beautiful cover created by the talented Steven Novak and the blurb for Still Nights.

Sammy's lost.

She's looking for a way out of the dark pit she's swimming in. A former police officer, she spends her days sitting on the couch and nights sleeping with her old partner turned friend with benefits. She shot a kid while on duty. It wasn't intentional. He threatened her and she panicked. But that one mistake won't stop haunting her. It's destroyed her life, if that's what you'd call the daily routine she lived before that unfortunate event.

Sammy has never seen a ghost even though her estranged husband is the famous Walker the Ghost Stalker, ghost hunter extraordinaire. She used to want so desperately to experience what her husband and friends call a supernatural thrill, but that desire ended when her life fell apart. The only reason she continues going on investigations is to spend time with her husband.

One night, Sammy receives a worrisome call. She rushes out in a raging storm to locate her husband and friends. What she finds instead would scare the shit out of anyone. And she regrets ever going on that last paranormal investigation. What has this ghost hunting crap gotten her into anyway?

Fan of American Horror Story? You'll enjoy the novella Still Nights, a horrific paranormal thriller for adults only.

Coming October, 2013

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  1. I love it! I'm glad to see you experimenting with genres. It's fun to see all the sides of an author. :)