Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lazy Saturday Mornings Rock

It's raining. It's Saturday. I have the house to myself. And I don't have to work. Can you feel it?

To not cut into any writing time, I'll make this brief by giving you answers to the most heated did-you-knows-?. Click on the covers for more information.

Did you know Land of Corn Chips is FREE on Amazon Kindle? I'm not sure how long this will last (hopefully not too long so I can buy some groceries this month--j/k) so go snatch up your copy today!

Did you know you could win a copy of the much anticipated third book in the Cloud Prophet Trilogy, Severed, by Megg Jensen, simply by asking her a question on her blog before November 10th? Go do it now and get it over with. It's super easy. You'll help her as well as yourself all at once!

Did you know you can get yet another book for free today? Stacey Wallace Benefiel's YA novel, Glimpse, is also FREE on Amazon Kindle. Dudes and dudettes, your weekend entertainment is given to you this week. Awesome!

Now, get a cup of hot chocolate, cozy up to a blanket next to a fire, and enjoy a great story or two.


  1. This is the first Saturday in a year I haven't had to work - slept in woooo!

  2. Hi Sophia! It's wonderful to sleep in once in a while. So glad you got to do it today. :)

  3. I'm working on Laura's Winnemucca right now, as it were.

    Today is Sunday, but I did sleep in. Well, okay, I woke up at what I thought was nine, and it ended up being eight because we turned the clocks back. I am probably the only teenager who has ever woken up at 8 A.M out of choice.