Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Writing Update

I've been reading a lot lately. Not a lot according to some of my friends who read eight books a week, but a lot for me. Normally I read two to three books a month. This past month I've read seven books. And yes, my writing has paid for it. I was hoping that this second Lords of Shifters book would become more fluid if I spent a little time away from writing, but it's still stubborn and thick to think through.

I'm struggling most with the point of view. I really want to tell Jess' story, but to do that, I have to leave Lora where she ended up in Loramendi's Story. I'm not really sure that's what fans will like. Fans fell in love with Lora, and most series continue on with the same hero/heroine, but Lords of Shifters isn't like most series. Of course I'd get back to Lora eventually, probably in book three.

To motivate me to get through this madness and to keep my readers up to date on my progress, I posted this cool new Word Meter on the side bar thanks to Sarra Cannon's Free Word Meter. Come back often and see how slow I write! haha ;)

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