Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fried Brains and ...

I almost died this past weekend. We went hiking and I haven't been very active lately, so we chose a moderately difficult hike on a super hot day because we are smart like that. Well, that's when I almost died. The trail just kept going up and up and up. Legs burned. Face dripped. I whined. And then we made it to the top. It was beautiful.

Now that the first hike of the season is over with, they'll be much easier.

I've been taking a little break from writing to let my brain rest and to catch up on yard work. We totally killed a bazillion weeds this weekend. The yard looks so much better now.

My dog murdered a baby possum last week. This week she caught another baby possum, but it didn't die. It played dead and when I put the dog into the house, the little possum looked left and then right to make sure the coast was clear before scurrying off the deck. And then it went under the deck! I can only assume there must be a family living under there and hope they leave quick.

I'll get back to writing in a few days. My next novel should be available by the end of summer or early fall. I'm so excited. You're going to love it!

What's going on in your life right now?


  1. You really know how to use a first sentence to your advantage! Totally captured my attention, and I giggled throughout your post. I can giggle, you see, because I'm not the one doing the hiking or who has a family of possums living under her deck. ;-)

    (I would have probably died, too.)

  2. Some beautiful scenery there. Love the possum shot. What a cutie!

    Too bad your dog doesn't share the same sense.

  3. @Melissa. Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad to make peeps smile! :)

    @rdougwicker: Thanks for stopping by. I ♥ living in the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful scenery everywhere. :)

  4. You're more than welcome, Angela. It was my pleasure. I, too, love traveling to the Pacific Northwest, and have done so on numerous occasions. Absolutely stunning scenery, and photo opportunities abound at nearly every turn. It's truly wonderful up there.

  5. Hey, Angela, I just found your blog through Stacey's, and as I was reading about you I realized you're the one who commented about my Willamette Writers announcement last week. Which I would have known if I'd done much searching, but things have been crazy these past few weeks with my book release. It's good to make that final connection and get you set up in my Google Reader. :) Now that I'm over the initial hurtles of becoming an indie author, I hope to have more time to make connections and read some fellow indie's books.

  6. Hi Lisa! It's a crazy fun ride. I hope you're enjoying it! :)