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The Teen Interview Series hasn't been as frequent as I hoped. It seems it is weird for an adult to chat with teens whom they don't know. Almost creepy. **sigh** Keep your heads up, folks. I will not give up and continue my search for teens to interview. I understand the creepy factor, it's just a sad reality of this day and I'm thankful people are cautious.

What is the teen interview series? Find out here

Today, we'll meet an 18 year old girl. We'll call her Rodeo Girl. She kindly filled out a survey and answered our questions about life as Rodeo Girl, who graduated high school this year.

Question: Are you excited about starting college this year? What are you most looking forward to at school?

Rodeo Girl: I am not excited about starting college, I have never really wanted to go so I am not very motivated by it, what makes it even better is I have to pay for it myself. But my parents have gave me some slack and told me I don't have to start right away. So who knows when I will start.

Question: Why don't you want to go to college? What do you want to do instead?

Rodeo Girl: I have never wanted to go to college in my whole life. Obviously a dream, but I used to dream when I was a little girl that I would get married and never have to work lol. But this is reality. My back up plan is that if I HAD to get a job I wanted to be a Admin Assistant in some kind of office. Well a week before high school ended I got my dream job, I became exactly that. Which makes me even more not want to go to school, because why? Most kids don't get their dream job so early in life, and they have to go to college to choose what they want to be. My job doesn't require college so whats the point? Another negative is I have to pay for my own schooling. But making minimum wage at your dream job doesn't give you a lot to work with. My parents have gave me a break and are paying for my gas, cell phone, insurance, and anything necessary when example my car breaks down. If I were to be paying for this all on my own, I would be owing my parents money because I don't make that much in one month. Even if I broke even at the end of the month, I won't have any spending money to go to lunch with a friend, or buy someone a birthday present, or save any money towards my own car.

Question: So, you live with your parents?

Rodeo Girl: I do still live with my parents. I don't think I will move out until one day I get married. My parents wouldn't care how long I lived at home. Both my older brothers still live at home and I am sure will until one day they get married.

Question: What are some of you major accomplishments?

Rodeo Girl: Training My horse.

Question: Do (or did) you participate in any recreational activities / extra curricular activities outside of school or even at school? (Sports, drama, dance, music, art, etc.)

Rodeo Girl: I was involved in High School Equestrian team where I traveled all over to compete on my horse.

Question: Tell us about training your horse. When did you become interested in horses and what do you love about them?

Rodeo Girl: I was scared to death of horses about 8 years ago before I moved to where I am now. About a week after I moved in the neighbor girl loved to come ride in our field. So she came up to the house on a horse and asked my parents if she could. Of course they said yes. While she asked them that she had another horse that needed rode because it had been like 2 years since lost rode. She asked me if I wanted to come ride with her. Scared to death and out of my mind I said "yes". About a year later they horses moved away and I was horse less. So I got my own.

When I got my horse she knew just the basics of being rode. I taught her everything she knows besides knowing there is a saddle on her back and she must go forward. She knows her leads, how to side pass, how to back up, how to stop on a dime, how to get in the trailer, how to be roped off of, how to do all Gaming events. Gaming Events are just like barrel racing, but with 4 other fast events. We have traveled all over our state competing in High School Equestrian team, we are apart of 4-H and are #1 in our country and will be leaving in a couple days for State Fair. I am an adrenaline Junky on my horse, I LOVE to go fast!!!

Question: What kind of issues are you most worried about dealing with?

Rodeo Girl: What my future has in store for me.

Question: Were you aware of any drug problems at your high school?

Rodeo Girl: Oh yes! It was crazy on how many kids would show up to school high. It seemed like once I hit my sophomore year there was SO many kids who were smoking black and milds (which aren't drugs but tobacco) but there was also so many kids smoking hard, hard drugs!! Kids would go off campus during lunch and go smoke behind the local bowling alley and come back to school higher than a kit.

Question: If yes, what kind of drugs were prevalent?

Rodeo Girl: I am not really sure.

Question: Has substance abuse touched your life/do you know someone who is/was an addict?

Rodeo Girl: Don't think I know anyone.

Question: Do you read books? If yes, what is the last one you read? What did or didn't you like about it?

Rodeo Girl: If I ever read books its at night to make me more tired. Since I have been out of school, life has happened and I have had not problem going to sleep at night.

Question: What is your favorite movie?

Rodeo Girl: "How to lose a guy in Ten Days"

Question: Favorite food?

Rodeo Girl: I have a few favorites, just like any other American teen I love pizza. Lasagna and fettuccine Alfredo are two runner ups but they are all pretty much the same.

Question: Favorite pass time?

Rodeo Girl: Me and my best friend used to take the inner part of a innertube for a boat, and put our feet in the hole and sit on the edge and rock the thing back and forth. We used to call it Big Red. We took that thing anywhere there was water just so we could play on it.

Question: If you could be an object or animal, what would you be and why?

Rodeo Girl: I would be a horse because they get to eat all day and maybe an hour a day they must work out.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

Rodeo Girl: For me its always been best to have a couple amazing good friends that I can trust, then a bunch of party goers that are fake friends. I have a really hard time with fake people. I have got through my high school year with two best friends and that's all I needed, yes I had a lot of other friends, but no one I could fully trust. So I kept to the couple I trusted. Throughout the years I have grown apart from these two and gained a new best friend. But this is someone who could take me somewhere in life. My boyfriend. Through my loses and gains I have learned to find my true self. I have made it through my whole life without doing any drugs or taking one sip of Alcohol.

Thank you, Rodeo Girl, for participating in The Teen Series. It's very rare when I meet a teen who knows exactly what she does and what she doesn't want to do. I wish you the best of luck.

Peace out.

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