Saturday, August 7, 2010

To Blog

Blogging is not my forte. Professionals say that writers should have blogs and internet presence, which I have, but don't update often. This is about to change.

There are people in the world who enjoy reading blogs. And since you are reading this, you must be one of them. Once a month, or maybe twice, a new blog will be posted. I hope to make it worth your while, or maybe just worth my own while. Isn't that an odd saying? "Worth your while." Why don't people just say "Worth your time"? Whatever.

My experiences at the Willamette Writers Conference will be posted next week. Other posts may consist of short stories or pieces from my novels. Maybe an article or two will be tossed in the mix. Better yet, a few book reviews. How exciting!

Until then, hold your breath.

Peace out, yo.



  1. I'm not a blogger either...I guess if I want to actually SELL any copies of my upcoming horror cookbook I'll need to start one. I'm bad as FB as it is. *sigh* Kudos for starting one!

  2. Uh, that sounds like the most fabulous book ever! You have one sale right here, Martina:) I hope you have some vegan recipes scary enough for your book... ;)