Wednesday, August 18, 2010


While rubbing bodies at my day job the other day, the idea fairy and I had a conversation. We do that on a regular basis. Sometimes our chats are pretty ridiculous and others are ultra-fabulous, like this one.

The ultra-fabulous idea will take form in reality on September 1st. At that time, this blog will become somewhat of an awesome place to be. Not only because Yours Truly will be posting on it more often, but because there will be teenagers here, too. Not just one or two, but a new teen every single week! Talk about teen-spirit!

This blog will be dedicated to the ordinary yet extraordinary teen voices of this generation. They will talk candidly with me about the issues they deal with on a daily basis and about books and about drugs and about school and about growing up and about fantasy and about life in general. Heck, they may even decide to burst out with something totally random--which would be rad.

Although the goal is to be teen oriented, we will also have an occasional interview featuring an upcoming, unpublished YA or middle grade author. Because, after all, we love books! We may also feature a famous author or two. **gasp**

But, don't hold your breath because interviews with famous authors can be found everywhere else. What can't be found elsewhere are the interviews of the unknown. And that's exactly what you will find here.

Our first guest will be Bree--I think she's awesome, and so will you!

So follow the blog, learn about some really cool unknown people, and enjoy life.

Peace out, yo.